Firstly, I would like to thank all the organizers and sponsors for this event from the bottom of my heart for conducting such a wonderful event. It was our pleasure that we got to participate in such events in the first year of our B.Tech course. We got to learn a lot of things related to coding as well as non-technical things through mini-events. All the organizers were very helpful and friendly and solved all of our queries and doubts instantly on Discord.

Some of the skills that we acquired through this event are as follows:

1). Solving DSA problems on websites like HackerRank, TopCoder, LeetCode, etc,

2).Using GitHub to create repositories, pull requests, merging pull requests without any issues, creating an issue in an organization, solving an issue, etc

3). Web Automation, Web Development using HTML5 and CSS, Voice Assistant using Python, GUI using Tkinter, and many more

And coming to the non-technical events which were conducted through mini-events, I would say the organizing team did a great job in hosting games such as IceBreaker, Gather, Wiki Race, Dino Game, Cup Stacking, etc. Also the idea of the guild made us to work together in teams and complete the work. In this way, we would assist our guildmates wherever they’re failing and in return we would get the same assistance. Teamwork, Helping nature, Determination and Confidence were the values that we learnt here.

Overall, I would say the event was a huge success and I would participate in every event conducted by GeeksforGeeks Student Chapter VIT Bhopal.

Once again, thanks to each and everyone!!